Sod Jacksonville FL

can be delivered and/or installed by us. St. Augustine grass is the most popular but Zoysia grass is getting more popular. Sod Jacksonville FL is necessary because it is very difficult to grow grass seeds here. The best way to retain a lawn here in Jacksonville is to sod it.

Sod in Jacksonville can be quite pricey when buying it or having a company install sod. It is important to make sure the sod companies in Jacksonville FL that are installing your sod include tilling the soil.

Our sod installation process in Jacksonville Florida includes all the recommended proceedgers by the University of Florida and the local extensions office. First we test the soil and kill the lawn weeds, then when all the weeds are dead after about 2 weeks we till the soil 4 to 6 inches. Any lime or sulfur that is required according to the soil test is at it at this time. We then level your yard and install the sod.

Sod Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville FL Sod F.A.Q.'s

Do I need to till the soil before sod installation in Jacksonville FL?

It is very important to till the soil before installing your sod. Without tilling your soil and loosening it up there is a good chance that the roots will not penetrate deeply into your soil. This causes sod grass to be weak and can't with stand much stress. For example if it's really hot out and the sod roots aren't deep enough in the soil to reach the moisture down below it will dry out a lot quicker and will die. Also if its very cold the roots can gather warmth better if they are deeper.

What Kind Of Sod Is Best for Jacksonville FL?

The type of sod is mostly a personal preference. Unless your test comes back showing a high or low ph. Then you may want to choose a specific kind of grass for your circumstance. If your soil test comes back showing a low pH you may what to use a acid loving type of grass like centipede sod. Unless you want to try to battle the pH by adding a bunch of lime on a regular basis every quarter for 1 year and then test the pH again to see if it's going up.

How much sod do I need?

1 pallet of sod covers anywhere from 400 to 500 square feet depending on where you buy it from. Just measure the length by the with and multiply them together to get your total square footage.

What about my irrigation or sprinklers heads?

Before we start a sod installation job we check the irrigation system by turning it on and noting the condition of the system. We then flag out all the heads. We then proceed to till the soil. When we are finished we check the irrigation system again and make any repairs necessary to damaged caused by us.

Do you use a weed killer?

Yes we apply a herbicide two weeks before the sod installation it takes two weeks for the weeds in existing lawn to fully die.

Do I need to add dirt to sod Jacksonville FL?

Normally top soil is not needed. we perform a soil test to see where the pH stands. Normally just lime or sulfur is needed if your soil is very sandy and doesn't retain any nutrients you may need to add some compost and till it into the soil.

Is the sod fresh?

Yes the sod from us is always cut to order and delivered directly to your house

How many hours of sunlight does sod need in Jacksonville FL?

Lawn grass likes full Sun that is up to 8 to 10 hours a day. Sod needs a minimum of three and a half to 4 hours of sunlight per day to become thick and strong. If sod does not receive 3 half to 4 hours of sunlight per day the sod will start thinning out. When sod starts thinning out it gives weeds a chance to grow in place of the sod. The weeds can eventually take over the areas that the sod is thinning out in.

How do I to water new sod Jacksonville FL?

Watering new sod frequently throughout the day but at short intervals just enough to keep the sod moist for the first 2 weeks. After the first 2 weeks watering less frequently with longer intervals allows the water to soak in deeper to your soil and the sod roots growing deeper. After 3 to 4 weeks watering on a as needed basis is best or 2 times per week watering about one half to three quarters of an inch per watering cycle.

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